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Here’s Why You Should Support Me on Patreon

It’s been a long time since I last posted on this site. I haven’t been idle though. I am still painting yokai, and I have been since last summer. You may remember during A-Yokai-A-Day I mentioned my Patreon project. Well, I just wanted to share some of the awesome yokai that have been completed since then, thanks to the generous support of my Patreon backers.

A lot of people ask me if and when I will be making a third book. The answer is most definitely yes! Of course, as you can imagine, a book with over 100 illustrations take a very long time to do, not even to mention the research & translation. The illustrations that are being made via my Patreon project will all be compiled in a third volume of my yokai encyclopedia series. There will be a third Kickstarter eventually, but not until I am finished enough yokai to ensure that the Kickstarter backers don’t have to wait years until their book is finished.

You can read more about each of these yokai on yokai.com of course. If you love yokai as much as I do, consider supporting this project on Patreon, even for $1 per month. If you have a favorite yokai you’d like to see in the next book, this is your chance to be part of the creation process, long before the Kickstarter launches!

If you like what you see, visit patreon.com/osarusan and become a yokai patron!

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