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The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits is Upon Us!

Friends, the hour is upon us! The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits, that is!

At long last, after months of waiting for books to arrive, and a crazy week of packing and shipping the rewards to the Kickstarter backers, my 2nd yokai encyclopedia is available to the public!

Pre-order the book now!

Nearly 2 years in the making, this has been an extremely fun and also exhausting project for me. I am really proud of the final product, and really happy to finally be able to release it to the world. At 286 pages, the book is 25% bigger than its predecessor, contains more yokai, and also has a full chapter dedicated to onmyōdō the black magic of classical Japan.

If you loved The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, you will love this book too. It follows the same format, presenting a page of yokai lore and a full color illustration for each entry. In response to popular request, The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits also contains a few longer entries, going into greater detail about the myths and legends of certain famous yokai. Just as before, there are silly yokai, scary yokai, strange yokai, and sexy yokai. It runs the whole spectrum!

Anyway, on to the most important question: How do I get a copy of the book?? There are a few ways:

1. You can order it from Amazon.com in Kindle or paperback format. Here is the link.

2. You can order it directly from me! I have a surplus of books from the Kickstarter, and I am offering them on a first-come-first-serve basis. This includes paperbacks, collector’s edition hardcovers, and slipcases for the hardcovers. There are a few advantages to ordering directly from me: first, you help support the creation of my yokai and artwork as the proceeds all go straight to me. Second, I will sign the book using my special signing pen which I got at the Abe no Seimei shrine in Kyoto. Third, you will be getting a super high quality special first edition copy of the book which are extremely limited in number (produced only for the Kickstarter)! I have paperbacks and collector’s edition hardcovers of both books, so you can even get a double set! To order directly from me, send me an email and tell me what you want!

My supply is limited, so if you want one of the collector’s editions try to order as soon as possible to ensure you get one before I run out.

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