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A-Yokai-A-Day: Taira no Masakado & Takiyasha-hime

Happy Halloween, yokai fans! The best day of the year is finally here! Is anyone dressing up as a yokai for Halloween? I have a kappa costume, and my wife is dressing up as a shishimai (which the mujina is wearing in this illustration).

Because Halloween is the whole purpose of A-Yokai-A-Day, I always save the most special yokai of the project for the final day. Today’s yokai is actually a pair of yokai; a father-daughter team, straight out of the legends. Taira no Masakado is one of the most famous figures in Japanese history, feared as a terrible ghost, and worshiped as a god to appease his anger. His daughter, Takiyasha-hime, was a powerful witch herself. What is more fitting for Halloween than a vengeful ghost and a witch? I don’t know!

These ones are bit long, too, so they should make for interesting reads. To read on, click the illustrations below!

…and don’t forgot, there are still a few hours left to buy my book, The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, for only $1!

Taira no Masakado / 平将門 / たいらのまさかど

Taira no Masakado / 平将門 / たいらのまさかど

Takiyasha-hime / 滝夜叉姫 / たきやしゃひめ

Takiyasha-hime / 滝夜叉姫 / たきやしゃひめ

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