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Baltimore Comic Con

Thanks to everyone who came by my booth at Baltimore Comic Con! The convention was totally awesome! It was great to see so many new and familiar faces, and to chat about yokai with all of you.

I realized too late that I have been posting all of my updates on Facebook rather than my blog (shame on me!). I should have made a post before going, and I definitely should have done one back during Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia earlier this year. I forget that not everyone seems my Facebook and Twitter posts, so I am forcing myself to do this quick update first thing after getting back home and unpacking the car.

Baltimore Comic Con

One of the most common questions I get at conventions and fairs is if I have such-and-such print. I try hard to bring extra copies of all the popular prints, but I have so many yokai painted that I can’t be prepared with everyone’s favorite yokai. Sadly there are always a few people who come to me after I’ve sold the print they want, or they want one that doesn’t normally get requested, so I don’t have a copy with me. It’s sad, because I absolutely love it when someone comes up to me and asks for a yokai that nobody ever asks for! They are all so unique, and it warms my heart when one of the less popular creatures is called out by name by someone who wants it. So I try, and I wish I could be prepared for every request, but logistically that’s not possible. (The reason I don’t use Etsy much anymore is the same—I have well over 200 yokai paintings and it’s impossible to keep them all available all the time.)

So if you’re one of these folks who couldn’t get the print you wanted, you can email me to let me know which one you want, and I can ship it to you. I can make prints of any of the illustrations on this website, or yokai.com, or in my books. If you know exactly what you want, you can send me the link the yokai.com page, or if you can’t remember which one it was you can describe it to me and I’ll help figure out what you’re looking for.

Thanks again for a great convention weekend!

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