Greetings from the Future!

I’m never going to get tired of saying that. I’m 13 hours ahead of you East Coast chumps right now. So when the world blows up, I’ll know about it before you do!

Note: There is a ton of photos here, so please be patient for the page to load.


Watching news about the typhoon…

Early morning walk

This morning I woke up at 5 and decided to go on a walk. There was a typhoon going on, but you wouldn’t have known it… it was rainy, but nothing like the hurricanes during college in Florida. After my walk, I met up for breakfast with Brett, Doug, and Sara, and we went to Japanese Denny’s, and took a train to Nagoya castle. Despite being mostly missing (it was firebombed in WW2 and is slowly being rebuilt), the castle is gorgeous and the grounds are quite nice. It was a fun trip. Afterwards, we wandered around town for a long while, and eventually made our way back to our hotel area on foot. By now the sun was out and in full blast, so all the rain from the typhoon was evaporating and becoming disgustingly hot. Ugh! I went through 3 pairs of socks today and my feet are only now just drying out.

The outer moat

The same moat viewed passing over the bridge

A watchtower guarding the bridge

Into the castle

One building

The main palace



The second moat

Inner keep moat and bridge

Deer in the moat!

Nicer view of the palace/keep

Another view

And another


All of us

One more try…

Another Doug

The weather turned much better later…

But it was sooooo hot!
Writing captions is not as easy as it looks.

So again we went out, wandered for a long while, and then I met up with Leo from Kanazawa! Reunion time! We only had a bit of time to visit, as his train was delayed from the rain and we couldn’t stay out late because of work, but we went down to the Sakae station area and had some GREAT unagi-don (which I’m told is one of Nagoya’s specialties). Afterwards, more wandering. Nagoya is a very pretty city. Very interesting too. We saw quite a few live bands performing, and even some street Elvis-like break dancers.

My feet are sore and I’m tired, but it was a good day. I’m not looking forward to having to wear a suit in this heat, but I am looking forward to starting training.

Okay, again, very tired… sleepiness hits me like a bomb… not as bad as last night though. I’ll write more tomorrow and throw some photos up here.

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