I Love the Smell of Japan

If the title sounds weird, it’s because I’m tired, and I’m drunk, and, well, it’s true. There’s something here that I haven’t smelled since I was last here. Partially in the humidity in the air, partially in the air in the supermarkets, and partially down the back alleys of the restaurants where the smoke empties out into the streets. I didn’t realize how much I missed that smell until these few days, when I’ve smelled it again and really felt like I’m back home (as weird as that sounds).

Anyway, I can’t write much more today. Still no energy to post pictures. Mainly because I’m tired from drinking and a long day of work (we got out at 7:30 today, and tomorrow not until 9), but also because my get-home activity has been about an hour of emails every day. (Thanks to everyone who is emailing me! I appreciate it!) Anyway, emails are more important than blog, so they win. But I’ll try to continue doing at least small posts like I’ve been doing, and maybe on the weekend I can do a larger more detailed post.

I wasn’t kidding about the smell of Japan either.

So anyway, today we had a lot of detail about teaching lessons, and we had some real students in today for practice and got to watch their lessons. It was so much fun! It reminded me a lot of both Conversation Club at the JASGP, and conversation practice with Emiko. It looked really, really fun, and I can’t wait to teach my own students. Of course, it won’t be long… tomorrow is our first “actual” lesson. It will be in front of trainers for the first time, and then on Thursday, we’ll teach a group of Japanese students. So we’re all busy preparing our individual lessons. Tonight is sleep, but early tomorrow morning, we’ll all be busy getting our lesson plans together for our day of lesson practice! I feel pretty good about it because I’ve got some experience doing this — it’s exactly like when I was a student at Eurocentres, so I know what the students feel like, and it’s also exactly like the kind of stuff I’ve been doing with Emiko, so I’ve got some teaching experience too. Even though what I’ve done so far teaching-wise has hardly been structured, and certainly not in a class-like environment, it looked familiar to me, and I think that will be helpful.

Okay, now I’m pretty sleepy, and I need a shower. So I will continue tomorrow.

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