Training Continues

So it turns out the next disaster was a radiation leak at a nuclear power plant that took place after a fire caused by the earthquake! Seriously, all that’s left is for Godzilla to come by and flatten Japan.

Today was fun, but very tiring. Work ended at around 9:30 pm, and by then most of the dinner places closed. But today I got to teach my first lesson. Granted, it was in front of my coworkers and trainers, but I felt like it went pretty well. What’s more, tomorrow I get to teach the same lesson to actual students! That makes me really nervous, but doing it once today really helped. Also, the fact that that means it’s already Thursday really excites me. I like it here a lot, but I’m really in the mood to get to my branch school… I really want to be able to speak more Japanese, and I end up talking only in English with my other trainee teachers, since none of them really know any Japanese at all. I’ve had a few brief conversations with locals in Japanese, but the necessities of belonging to a group of 12 people are keeping me from exploring at the rate I’d like to.

AEON really seems like an awesome company to work for. They’re really concerned about being professional. They’ve got a great reputation, but what’s amazing is that despite their reputation, they haven’t gone off on any “AEON is so great” spiels, or ranted about how bad other companies are. I would have expected trainers to be all gung ho about how much better we are than anyone else, but they’ve just been focused on the task at hand. So the professionalism really shows in how our own trainers act. Maybe that’s a weird observation to make? But I often do think about weird stuff like that.

I don’t feel homesick, but today I do feel a bit lonely… I really want to have a good conversation. In Japanese would be preferable, but even in English at this point. With the other trainees, we just talk about work, or conversations are either very superficial and silly, or just about whether Denny’s or McDonald’s has better lunch. It’s fun and also useful talk, but doesn’t feel all that satisfying. Well, I’d better not complain any more. I’m having a monkeyload of fun, and thinking anything negative isn’t going to help.

Well, wish me luck tomorrow! I teach real students! >__< Ganbarimasu!

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