Awesome Day

Today was so awesome. Class was really fun, as we got to teach our first lessons to real Japanese students. We were all really nervous, but the students were so much fun, very eager to learn, and after getting into the lessons, everything went pretty comfortably. We have more lessons to do tomorrow and the next day, though, and that means I have to prepare one now even though it’s passed midnight. >_< Oh yeah, and we all got letters from our branch schools today. They were all so cute, covered in smileys and bubble letters and little pictures, with really sweet messages for us. I think we're all really really anxious to see our coworkers soon! The best part of today was tonight though! I just came back from the local kushikatsu place I've been going to almost every night here. The waitress recognizes us now, and is pretty friendly. But today it felt like a real bar... as soon as we went in, an older man noticed Erik's Japanese Soccer Jersey and started pointing it out, trying to get our attention. They were really curious and sort of testing the water to see if we were chatty, and since I was able to speak enough to tell what they were saying, and Erik and Sara also spoke a tiny bit, we were able to start up a chat (I think I whined last night about how I really wanted to chat in Japanese). The older man was with a younger guy who was crazy hilarious. He started messing around, kicked a stool, and got in the waitress' face, but she got right back in his. It sounds pretty bad, but it was definitely one of those he comes here every night kind of things, as everyone was laughing. Then a pair of young girls at the table next to us started talking to me, asking me for Erik's shirt. One of them really *really* wanted it. So then the old man started telling her to buy us drinks, and his friend got in on it, and we were all gambling prices for the shirt. A couple businessmen at a table nearby joined in. The whole scene was hilarious; it could have been taken right out of a movie! We were talking about tons of things, and the craziest thing is that I was actually able to have a really detailed conversation... Hell, we were there for 3 hours. We told them we were English teachers and everyone in the bar said, "Hhhheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?!" And then we said we were from AEON and they all clapped that we weren't NOVA teachers. The girls kept begging for the shirt, and finally Erik gave it to them for buying him a few whiskeys. Eventually it was just the 3 of us and the 2 girls left in the bar, but since we have homework to do (and since they have to wake up at 6 to do nursing shifts), we all left. Holy crap though... that was what I was dying for and more! We took lots of photos (I think they took even more), which I will be posting this weekend along with the others. Man... at least I'm excited enough that I won't be sleepy while preparing my lesson for tomorrow. Anyway, I'd better go now!

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