A-Yokai-A-Day: Kamikiri

By request, today’s yokai is Kamikiri, a slightly less-known yokai than some of the recent ones I’ve painted. While there’s little that’s actually be written about Kamikiri, it’s said that it likes to sneak into houses during the night and cut peoples’ hair while they sleep — especially the hair of young women. Others say that the kamikiri appears just before a man is about to unknowingly marry a ghost, yokai, or spirit in disguise as a human. He cuts the bride’s hair to prevent such a perversion of nature. (Aside from being less attractive, a woman with no hair would look like a nun — certainly a groom might think twice if the woman he was arranged to marry appeared to be a nun.) So, good or bad yokai? Hard to say… There are some really good stories about folks who marry supernatural creatures over here.



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