Night Parade Preview: Hitodama

Today we preview a very special yokai: the Hitodama, or human soul. These are ghostly yokai which appear near graveyards, flying around roughly at eye level. They appear most often shortly after a person dies, but occasionally they can even appear when a person faints and his or her soul temporarily wanders out of their body. They appear as flaming blue orbs with long tails of glowing light which follow them wherever they go. They may be eerie, but fortunately they are not dangerous.



5 thoughts on “Night Parade Preview: Hitodama

  1. Thank you! Just what I was going for. Japanese forest cemeteries are a totally different animal than our big, cultivated lawn cemeteries in the US.

  2. I think some of our REALLY old cemeteries here in the US have that same feeling that all old cemeteries have : peacefully forgotteness. Okay, that makes no sense whatsoever.

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