Night Parade Preview: Houou

While we had a couple of cool, cloudy, rainy days last week, today’s weather is bright, hot, and muggy. The quintessential midsummer day. So instead of a soft painting in subtle blues and cool colors, here is a bright, hot one.

Today’s preview is another yokai we’ve seen before. I did a Houou for last year’s A-Yokai-A-Day project. So I won’t go too much into the details of its story, as you can read about it back there. Needless to say, though, it is the king of all birds, and I hope this very colorful piece shows that.

A little bit about my upcoming Kickstarter project…

We’re now coming into the final week of July! Holy smokes! That means soon I will be launching my Kickstarter project, which will run for the month of August. I will be trying to raise $2000 to cover the costs of publishing, printing, and so on through Amazon’s CreateSpace, as well as recoup some of the costs of working on this since January. I will have a larger breakdown of the costs when I launch the project next week. The give you an idea of the patronage rewards, the lowest will be simply $1, and it will include previews of all of the paintings like you’ve been seeing on my blog, as well as additional previews (such as the concept artwork that leads to the paintings) and previews of the actual text that will be in the book next to each yokai. These detailed previews won’t be public on my blog, so you’ll have to become a patron to see the extra stuff. Higher levels of patronage will include ebooks and lower-priced physical books signed by me, and there will be an option to buy any of the yokai in the book as a large, beautiful, matted print. They won’t be available individually on my Etsy store, so the only way to get prints of these will be as a patron. Finally, there will be some more, very interesting, patronage options at higher levels than that, which I will reveal next week along with the project. Basically, if you are thinking of buying the book, it will be very worth it to become a patron. I hope the previews so far have been enough to catch your interest! 🙂


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