Ecchan #11

February’s Ecchan is the second to last comic in the series. Next month will be the final one.

I mentioned before how each of these monthly comics is accompanied by a page of text detailing the rules in depth for foreigners to correctly separate their trash. Well, now you can see all of the comics with their full descriptions in Japanese, Portuguese, Chinese, and English on the newly-redesigned Echizen International Association website. You can find all of the comics here:

Ecchan #11
Ecchan #11

Panel 1: ビンや缶は、全部『資源ごみ』の日に捨てればいいの?
Can I throw out all my glass bottles and cans on recycling day?
Panel 2: 違うよ。『資源ごみ』と『燃やせないごみ』に分かれる。 | え!?どうやって?
No. They are split up into recyclable and non-burnable trash. | What?! How do you know which?
Panel 3: ポイントは、飲食物が入っていたかどうか! | たとえば、ジャムのビンは『資源ごみ』で、化粧品のビンは『燃やせないごみ』だよ!
The main point is whether food was contained in them or not. | For example, a jar of jam would be recyclable, while a makeup jar would be non-burnable trash!


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