Ecchan #12 (The Final One)

March’s Ecchan manga marks the last in the series. It was a fun series, and I will miss doing it; not only for being fun to do, but also because I think it was a great help for foreign residents who otherwise have to deal with the most draconian garbage laws on planet Earth without much of an explanation. Hopefully some day Ecchan will continue.

An interesting thing happened today as well — just before writing this update, a stork just like Ecchan flew past my window! March is when they migrate back to Japan from China, and considering there are only a few hundred or so in all of Japan, this was a great sighting for me and for my town! The storks are back in Echizen for the summer!

Ecchan #12
Ecchan #12

Panel 1:「この金属製のふたは、何ごみなの?」
What kind of trash is this metal cap?
Panel 2:「金属製なら『燃やせないごみ』」
If it’s a metal cap, it’s non-burnable trash!
Panel 3:「プラスチック製なら、ほとんどが『プラごみ※』だよ。」
If it’s made of plastic, usually it will be puragomi.
Panel 4:「プラごみは資源として再利用されるごみの一つだから、汚れていないことが条件だよ!」
Puragomi is one kind of recyclable trash, so make sure it is not dirty when you throw it out!

All of the Ecchan comics can be viewed in Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, and English at the Echizen International Association’s website:

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