Long Overdue Blog Update

Hey everyone,

It’s time for a blog update. A long overdue one!

This blog has suffered over the past couple of years as I’ve grown busier on social media and Patreon. Most of my posting has been done on Facebook/Twitter, with the vast majority of my blogging going directly to my Patreon project. This site has really only been updated during A-Yokai-A-Day season… so just one month out of every year.

Well, that has to change!

Of course it’s not a bad thing to post to these other sites, but I need to make sure I don’t neglect this site anymore. Why? Well Facebook and Twitter may come and go as other social networks have done in the past. Patreon projects may end or change, and those posts may be lost. But I have had this blog since 2000 (though my oldest posts are unpublished now to save me the embarrassment of my teenage self’s ramblings) and it will stay with me for as long as I want it to.

I won’t be posting less on FB/Twitter/G+, and I certainly won’t be posting less on Patreon. But I will be taking care to share more of what I post on my own blog as well as on social media. Particularly that goes for the Patreon posts.

Patreon has been an awesome way to connect with yokai fans so far. My posts have been quite active, with plenty of comments and discussion, and as any artist will tell you, that is the fuel that keeps them going. One of the important rules of Patreon is that you must create something public. So while I do have plenty of paywall-style paid Patreon posts that only backers can read and comment on (sketches, line art, and hi-res versions of my paintings), the end posts with the finished yokai have always been public. From now on I will be sharing those public posts on this blog after I post them to Patreon. Of course, the private discussions on Patreon will not end, and I will still be posting additional things there that I won’t be sharing anywhere else. But it’s not good for this blog to lie fallow 11 months out of 12.

I spent a good deal of time today retroactively posting the public posts from Patreon to this blog. I just posted a new yokai today, jinja hime, which you can see in the post just prior to this one. Some of the older posts may sound a bit fragmented, because the public posts were often extensions of the private backer-only discussions happening on Patreon. However, the art will be viewable up here now, as well as on yokai.com (where I have been posting all of the finished yokai that my patrons have supported).

I had been meaning for months now to post an update detailing the excitement of moving back to Japan and some of the interesting things I’ve seen since the move. (Yes, I moved back to Fukui in January after a 4-year stint in the US.) For the same reason, though, that post kept getting pushed back until now, mid-May, it seems a bit too late to say, “Hey guys, guess what I saw back in January!”

This is an interesting blog for me, because I still get active comments on posts that were written 5, 6, 7 and more years ago. This is because A-Yokai-A-Day remains a popular hit on Google when people look for yokai, and new people are discovering yokai every single day, in every country in the world. So I’m glad that my older posts are still bringing people to this site. I want to let you guys know that the site is still active, and I still do respond to comments; I’ve just been terrible at posting.

But I will do better from now on, and make sure to no longer neglect this blog when updating other social platforms or Patreon.

More coming soon! Stay tuned (linked? clicked? What do we even say to express that feeling in the internet age?)…

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