July Yokai Plans

Greetings yokai fans!

July is here, and the rainy season is keep it at 90% humidity, making everything soaking wet and hot and miserable. But soon everywhere will be bright and sunny and green like in the video above! (And far too hot…)

July feels like the start of yokai season in Japan. As you may be aware, yokai/ghost season takes place in the summer over here, not around Halloween like in the US.
Of course for me that means it’s my busiest season. In addition to looking up yokai art exhibitions and other fun yokai events, I’m in the middle of preparing for a radio interview this week as Fukui city’s local yokai guy. I also just finished recording a podcast episode with The Monster Guys, which should be coming out later this month. Next week I’m heading to Tokai University to give a lecture on yokai (thanks to one of my backers for helping to set that up!). And if anyone is in San Diego, some of my yokai prints will be showing at the Japanese Friendship Garden coinciding with the start of Comic Con. That might mean some of the posts this month will be a bit staggered, so forgive me if that happens!

Join my Patreon project to preview the yokai I’ll be painting this month, or to make a request to have your favorite yokai done soon!

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