Get Ready for A-Yokai-A-Day and a New Kickstarter!

September is almost over, and you know what that means: Halloween is just around the corner!

As usual, this blog will be celebrating Halloween the same way it does every year: with A-Yokai-A-Day for the month of October. Every day during October, I will introduce a different yokai on this blog, with an explanation based on Japanese folklore.

In addition, I will be launching my third Kickstarter project. This goal for this Kickstarter is to produce a new yokai encyclopedia, entitled The Book of the Hakutaku. It will be my third volume, after The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons and The Hour of Meeting Evil Spirits—but you don’t need to have read those books in order to enjoy it. Since it’s an encyclopedia, it’s totally enjoyable on its own as a stand alone book.

The yokai featured on this blog during A-Yokai-A-Day will include upcoming yokai from The Book of the Hakutaku, and from my Patreon project.

Among them will be some inked line art drawings as well as pencil sketches of yokai which have not been painted yet. If you become a backer of either my Kickstarter or Patreon projects, you will get to follow the production of those yokai from sketch, to line art, to completed painting. Just like in the image below:

Donotsura transition

sketch -> line art -> painting

So get ready for Halloween, and get ready for A-Yokai-A-Day and The Book of the Hakutaku! It’s going to be a great month for yokai lovers!