An Update on The Book of the Hakutaku

Hey readers!

It’s been a long time without any update. I’ve been busy working to get The Book of the Hakutaku out, and that has caused me to neglect posting anything here for a while.

Since I’ve had a lot of inquiries about when the 3rd volume will be published, I decided I needed to post a quick update just so people aren’t left in the dark, although if you’ve been following the Kickstarter page, you probably already know the situation.

The Book of the Hakutaku was delayed due to a print error at the manufacturer’s which required the books to be reprinted, and then further due to customs issues related to the current situation in the US. However, right now the book is currently shipping to Kickstarter backers. The paperback and ebook versions of The Book of the Hakutaku will be released on Amazon once the backers have all received their books.

The book has been ready since November, but I am holding off releasing it until the backers have received theirs. It’s important to me that those who backed the book on Kickstarter and Backer Kit have their books in hand before others can buy it. I’m loathe to give specific dates because there may be unforeseen problems, but tentatively my earliest estimate for release is the end of April, and probably mid-May at the latest.

The hardcover collector’s editions and slipcases are limited to the Kickstarter campaigns are only made in a limited number. The remaining hardcovers and slipcases from this printing will be offered on a first come first serve basis after the books are made available.

I will post again here and on social media when I have more news about the release.

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