A-Yokai-A-Day: Ino Mononoke Roku, Day 11

This year for #ayokaiaday we are looking at the bizarre occurrences which took place at the Ino residence in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, during July of 1749. These occurrences all revolve around a young boy named Ino Heitaro. His story is collected in Ino mononoke roku, a collection of scrolls, books, and legends which collectively form the narrative of a supernatural phenomenon that took place 270 years ago.

On the eleventh day, some more family members arrived to see if Heitaro was doing alright. Word had spread far and wide of his haunting.

They talked with Heitaro for a while. When it was time to leave they discovered that their sword sheaths had vanished, stolen by spirits!

They searched around the house, but could not find them. Heitaro grew angry and shouted at the spirits. Then, the missing sheath fell from the ceiling.

Heitaro began to wonder if the bakemono were afraid of him, when he heard a strange noise in the kitchen. He went to investigate, and saw that his mortar and pestle were mysteriously grinding all on their own.

Later that evening, a young lady stopped by Heitaro’s home. She had heard he was lonely and came to keep him company.

Just then, from out of nowhere, a wooden wash tub appeared and began rolling towards here. It chased her all around the yard! She shrieked and tried to run away, but the tub kept following her.

She thought Heitaro was pranking her. He tried to explain, but she grew angry and left in a huff.

All in all it must have been a frustrating day for Heitaro.

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