A-Yokai-A-Day: Shirime” への11件のコメント

  1. Oh, Old Japan was far more interested in toilet humor than sexual humor. I’ve only read one or two stories dealing with breasts, but I can’t even count how many I have come across dealing with farts and butts…

  2. What about tales of tanuki scrotums and kappa punching a fist up human anuses? Isn’t that a sort of sexual humor?

  3. ….A ridiculous yokai indeed! I don’t like it much, though.
    Also, there’s another Tsukumogami that I need you to do desperately: The Hatahiro.
    Finally, I have one question: How many extra yokai will you put on The hour of meeting evil spirits depending of the amount obtained via Kickstarter?

  4. Hatahiro is a great yokai, and he is on my to-do list, but unfortunately he won’t make it into this year’s A-Yokai-A-Day.

    The number of extra yokai depends on the final amount. Right now there is one stretch goal to add 5 more yokai, but I am planning to add two more, for a total of 15 extra yokai. It all depends on the response from backers though.

  5. I have to know: where the heck did Japanese toilet humor come from anyway?

  6. I’m sure its innate in all of us. Even little kids know deep down inside that poop is funny, and the Japanese of yesteryear seem to have tapped into that. Just look up the edo period scroll paintings of “he-gassen,” or “fart battles.”

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