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Greetings yokai fans!

I hope you’re enjoying your final month of summer! Just now as the nights are starting to hint at slightly cooler weather on the horizon, I really feel in the mood for ghost stories.
Oiwa is the ghost from Yotsuya Kaidan, Japan’s most famous ghost story. It’s the godfather of all Japanese ghost stories, because even though it’s by no means the oldest, it is the most influential. Many of the tropes you see in present-day Japanese horror were established with this kabuki play.

Yotsuya Kaidan is a pretty long and twisted story, so in this post I tried to focus primarily on Oiwa herself, with her story being the focus (insomuch as her story revolves around her terrible husband). So the side plots are not included. Maybe one day I’ll have a chance to do a comic version of the whole of Yotsuya Kaidan…

Anyway that’s all I’ll say for now. Her story is pretty tragic so I’ll let it do the talking.



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