Next Month: A-Yokai-A-Day

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It’s been a little while since the last update. August and September have been wildly busy, finishing up with the book and getting it to the printers. But the good news is that if you are a Kickstarter or BackerKit backer, you should have access to your ebook download links now in your BackerKit downloads area!

A-Yokai-A-Day for the Month of October

I would be remiss if I let September pass without mentioning the project that is probably what this blog is most well known for: A-Yokai-A-Day! Keeping with my annual tradition I will be posting one yokai every day for the entire month of October.

A-Yokai-A-Day started in October of 2009, so this year marks nine years of October yokai. In that time all sorts of similar drawing challenges have popped up, including Inktober. In that spirit, I’d like to invite my readers and yokai fans all over the world to join me in A-Yokai-A-Day by painting/sketching/doodling/drawing/photographing a yokai every single day next month!

Hashtag your posts #ayokaiaday and #ayokaiaday2018 and share them on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/wherever!

Last Month’s Yokai

Here are the yokai you may have missed in August and September by not being part of my Patreon project. If you like this site, or yokai in general, and especially if you have a yokai request you’d like to see my paint, join my Patreon project and help support this site and!

Taki reio
Yonaki ishi
Jigoku tayu
Kohada Koheiji
Oi no bakemono