A-Yokai-A-Day: Ino Mononoke Roku, Day 24

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This year for #ayokaiaday we are looking at the bizarre occurrences which took place at the Ino residence in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, during July of 1749. These occurrences all revolve around a young boy named Ino Heitaro. His story is collected in Ino mononoke roku, a collection of scrolls, books, and legends which collectively form the narrative of a supernatural phenomenon that took place 270 years ago.

On the twenty fourth day, a massive butterfly flew into the room and began fluttering around. Then, it split apart into thousands of tiny butterflies which filled the room.

Heitaro watched in awe.

In the evening, Heitaro went to light his lamp and brighten the room up. All of a sudden, FWOOSH! The lamp flared up in a huge burst of fire.

Then, the lamp transformed into a massive stone lantern. Blue and red flames licked around its sides.

Just as Heitaro began to wonder if he should do something about the fire, the lantern and its flames returned back to normal.

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  1. This becoming more and more entertaining! BUTTERFLIES! Could this be a way of putting Heitaro off his guard? I wonder what the finale will be…

  2. Butterflies today, kittens tomorrow? I wonder if the ghosts are just throwing anything they can think of at Heitaro by this point…