A-Yokai-A-Day: Shinshaku

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Translation: heart shaku*
Alternate name: bukuryō

Shinshaku infect the torso, between the belly button and the heart; essentially they live right behind your solar plexus. Chinese medicine holds that the consciousness exists in the chest, around the solar plex/heart area; right where the shinshaku is found.

People infected by shinshaku develop a fondness for burnt smells and bitter flavors. They begin to smile and laugh thoughtlessly. They often have flushed cheeks. Their force of will and emotional strength also become very weak.

Treatment is possible using secret acupuncture techniques passed down orally. However, once this mushi evolves into its adult form, it becomes much more difficult to treat. Best to catch it early!

*Shaku is a category of yokai parasites which accumulate in the organs, building up numbers until they become a large mass, which then causes various symptoms to occur.

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