Still Alive

I just wanted to write a quick post to say that I’m still here, and still plan on writing more. I’ve been super busy this week acclimating to my new job, and I’ve been making a few mistakes so I’m trying to spend more time preparing rather than writing. In any case, I don’t have net access in my house yet, so I’m still going to other places to check my email, and that makes it slightly less than ideal to post here regularly too.

So bear with me for a few more days. At the very least, I should be able to write something interesting this weekend… and soon after that I should be able to get internet in my home and write regularly again (or at least have more time to come out to the dirty hall here and type on the floor…)

Goodbye Nagoya!

Tonight we finished our last day of training! Woohoo!!!

Afterwards, we all went back to my kushikatsu place for drinks and dinner, and had a great time. The old man from the other day recognized me, and we started up another conversation, and after I told him that we were having our “Sayonara Party,” we ended up having a huge drinking party. It was awesome, and there were two of us in the group able to keep the translations going fast enough for good banter. We kept buying rounds for eachothers’ tables too. The old dirty workmen here kept hitting on the one girl in our group (poor Becky). Still, it was definitely an awesome way to end our 10 days of really intense training.

So we all said our goodbyes, and hopefully we’ll all keep in touch (hopefully we’ll all send each other our photos too, and I’ll be able to post more up here…) as we head to our separate schools.

Good luck everyone! 明日から、福井に行く! I still can’t believe we’ll all be teaching from now on!

Double Exhausted

Uuuaah….. today we did children’s lessons. We only did 2, but I am so exhausted. I even got enough sleep, so I can’t blame it on that. They’re just so tiring! Looking at my schedule, I have to do 7 kids classes every Saturday! O_O They’re really fun, but just so, so, so wearing.

Tomorrow is my last day of training, which means another party night… and then on Thursday, off to Fukui! Wish me luck! Now… sleep!


I guess it’s my own fault for not taking a nap yesterday afternoon, but I am really wiped out today! We started our kids training today, and it’s pretty tiring. Tons of singing, tons of jumping and running. It’s actually really fun — partially because we have a huge silly group of people — but I think it will be really fun teaching kids. About half my classes each week will be kids classes (12 per week), which is more than anyone else in my group. But it should be very fun as long as I can keep my energy up. Tomorrow we are presenting lessons to each other for review.

(I just noticed the really crappy logo that I still have on my website. Wow! I meant to change that months and months ago… pretty much right after I put it up. It was supposed to be a placeholder for a few days while I made a nice logo… and I just never got around to it I guess. Shame on me. I’ll start thinking about replacing it ASAP.)

But yeah… everyone’s pretty tired today. In fact, I think I still have the most energy out of anyone in the group. Nobody was even willing to go out for food tonight, which really disappointed me, because it’s no fun to eat alone. So I ended up just getting some various noodle dishes and octopus salad on my own, and then took a bath and watched TV. Tonight’s TV is not all that interesting…

Wow I really thought I might have had something interesting to say tonight, but it melted out of my brain as soon as I started writing. Anyway, that’s really all I can say for now.


I haven’t written in a couple of days because I’ve been really busy. I wrote about my first lesson with real students… well, the next day I had to teach another lesson to my classmates. It was super hard, since I had to prepare everything from scratch (I was the lucky one in the class who didn’t get any pre-prepared materials). I though I would bomb the lesson, but it ended up okay… however, I did get called out on my poor preparation. It was good to find out what I was weak at and what I did well. We also had our “otsukaresama lunch” where the trainers treated us all to a nice lunch. I had omuraisu… so tasty! That night, we went out and I got another misokatsudon. As it’s one of Nagoya’s specialties, I’m trying to eat as much of it as I can while I’m still here. Nagoya’s special foods — misokatsu, unagi, and kushikatsu — are very, very good! I hope that Fukui’s specialties (mainly crab?) are just as good.

Yesterday was our “graduation,” even though we still have children class training next week. We taught another lesson to Japanese students (this one went okay, too, but I ended up being too fast and had to improvise and vamp for about 10 minutes… even so, it worked out alright). At our graduation, we received our official AEON pins, and our business cards. We also got even more news about our branch schools, such as what students we’ll have, the sizes of our apartments, and more. I think we’re all really excited to see our real schools, as well as move out of the hotel!
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