Greetings yokai fans! And happy Thanksgiving!

On Thanksgiving my mother always pull old decorations out of the attic, such as a cornucopia, a teddy bear riding a sled, and some cute little sewn mice wearing pilgrim hats, among other things. These are Thanksgiving staples, and have been in my family since as long as I can remember; probably even before I was born. But every year it’s a welcoming sight to see the same old decorations layed out for Thanksgiving.

If this were old Japan, some of those things would probably become tsukumogami. I can imagine those little mice running around, stabbing at wooden turkeys and plastic fruits with their miniature forks and knives…

Today’s yokai sort of fits that theme, with a little bit of added mischief (“Hey! Who moved this piece?! I know it was one of you…”). It’s not Thanksgiving-related itself, of course, but it has that same quality. As a kid I always wanted to play with those objects, but since they were old I was told they weren’t toys for me to play with. Just like the kaichigo would be told about the precious shells he is playing with. I think the colors are quite Thanksgiving-y as well, so it’s a good post to share today.

You can read the post on yokai.com too: http://yokai.com/kaichigo/

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