A-Yokai-A-Day: Harawata no mushi

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Harawata no mushi

Translation: intestine worm

As you must suspect, the harawata no mushi lives inside of the intestine. Because the large intestine is white, and the small intestine is pink, it is presumed that it lives in the large intestine. This nasty little bugger uses its prickly legs sprouting all over its body to grab, rip, and chew at the body’s internal organs.

The primary symptom of this kind of infection is acute and sever abdominal pain.

It is treated with herbal remedies. Yamahakka (Isodon inflexus), a bitter perennial, is brewed into a tea and drunk to strengthen the stomach.

According to Harikikigaki, in studies, patients who died from this infectious yokai were autopsied, revealing the harawata no mushi tightly clinging to their large intestine.

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