A-Yokai-A-Day 2022 Index: Shokoku hyakumonogatari

Thanks to everyone for reading 2022’s A-Yokai-A-Day selections from Shokoku hyakumonogatari! If you missed a day, or want to go back and read it again, here is an index of all the pages:

A monstrous woman with only one eye, wearing a white kimono, with many horns sprouting from the top of her head. Lightning flashes behind her. A blind man swings a sword wildly. A tengu flies away, laughing and carrying its own severed arm. A frightful woman in a white kimono, with a hideous face and wild, long hair. An old woman crouches by a riverbank, tearing flesh from a bloated corpse and eating it. A trail of eerie firelights floats through the air in an overgrown, dilapidated cemetary. A demon goddess in a kimono, with fangs and horns, wreathed in blue flames. A man's head forming the center of a wagon wheel. He is holding the severed leg of a child in his mouth. A ghostly boy in noble's clothing plays a flute in a moonlit field. Two identical-looking wives glare at each other while doing housework. A woman wearing candles on her head swims across a bay at night. An enormous white snake devours a young monk. A young page boy laughs creepily. A ghostly woman loiters by a back door in the light of the moon. A wild-looking old woman with white hair and black teeth sits in a tree and laughs. A woman with bright red skin and white hair standing on end, wearing a burial kimono. A young girl in a kimono holds a round, white object in her hand. A monstrous man with a red face, glowing eyes, a wide smile full of sharp teeth, and a single horn coming from his forehead. A dead man lies face down in a hot spring, the flesh flayed from his back and his bones exposed. A woman in a hat and kimono plays the shamisen. A hazy, emaciated, pale-faced man peers into a window. A woman's head floats in the air near a stone pagoda. A corpse in a white burial kimono crawls out of its own coffin. A man gives a piggyback ride to a woman who points the direction. A trail of blood leads to a woman lying dead in a cave. A two-tailed cat with horns and a huge mouth lies dead on the floor from a stab wound. A giant, horned demoness raises her hands in the air as lightning crackles behind her. A coiling dragon vomits poisonous gas from its mouth. A man in a tree eats pieces of a woman's corpse ripped in two. A woman's corpse with lacquered skin and wild black hair reaches out to kill someone.

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