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Today I bring you January’s first yokai. At first I expected this one to be pretty simple, and I suppose it was in a way. But it was simple because there was literally only one single reference to it in all of Japanese folklore! And sometimes it takes a lot of research to find that out. This is one of those yokai for which nothing exists at all except for a single illustration, with no accompanying text at all, so everything is speculative. (I have added that image as an attachment, along with my sketch of it, if you are interested!) Still, it is a cute yokai and just like the person who requested it, I wished that there was more to know about it.

One of my favorite things to paint is waves like the ones you see above. One of my friends calls them “candy waves” and I like that. They do take a terribly long time though! I’m glad that, even if shihofuki is pretty much unknown and mysterious, I got to paint him along with some candy waves. I hope you all enjoy it!



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