A-Yokai-A-Day: Ino Mononoke Roku, Day 10

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This year for #ayokaiaday we are looking at the bizarre occurrences which took place at the Ino residence in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, during July of 1749. These occurrences all revolve around a young boy named Ino Heitaro. His story is collected in Ino mononoke roku, a collection of scrolls, books, and legends which collectively form the narrative of a supernatural phenomenon that took place 270 years ago.

On day ten, Heitaro’s friend Sadahachi came to visit.

While they were sitting and having a chat, suddenly Sadahachi’s head cracked open like a giant egg!

Out from Sadahachi’s cracked cranium crawled two, then three gooey babies.

The babies squirmed across the floor towards Heitaro like little red monkeys. As they got closer, their bodies began to coalesce and merge into one large baby.

Heitaro tried to catch the giant baby, but as soon as he got his hands on it, the thing vanished.

Afterwards, Heitaro grumbled to himself: “You know, ghosts and slimy babies and that kind of stuff doesn’t really bother me. But it’s another thing altogether to transform my friends!”

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  1. Okay… now we’re back to creepy. Although having his “friends” attacked will make Heitaro even more stubborn…

  2. Yes, for sure. I’m impressed he wasn’t scared by the giant jelly baby. He’s definitely got me beat in the courage department.

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