The Fox’s Wedding (limited release) on Amazon

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Readers have been asking me for some time now about the status of my 4th yokai encyclopedia, The Fox’s Wedding: A Compendium of Japanese Folklore.

book cover of The Fox's Wedding

The book was funded on Kickstarter in December of 2020, and finished development in 2021. It was originally slated for release in 2021, however, the launch has been delayed several times. Here’s what happened:

Protective measures against coronavirus essentially slowed production down at every step. Smaller staffs working at printing facilities and a reduced number of truck drivers  and warehouse workers added several months of delay to production. Then, the global logistics crisis caused delivery of Kickstarter rewards to be delayed by about half a year while trying to secure space on board a freight ship to the US delivery site. On top of that, the outbreak of war in Ukraine caused parcel systems from Japan to Europe to shut down entirely, so delivery of books to Europe has been halted again.

My intention has been to release The Fox’s Wedding on Amazon once all of the Kickstarter rewards are fulfilled. Thus, while the book has been ready since fall of 2021, the inability to deliver rewards to backers has kept me from doing any kind of general release as well.

If you’ve been following the Kickstarter page, you’ll know that some progress has finally been made on delivering rewards. Space on a freight ship has been secured, and the books will be making their way to the US distribution center later this month.

That is why I am doing a limited release of The Fox’s Wedding in ebook format only. All backers have received their ebooks, and so The Fox’s Wedding will become available on Amazon in DRM-free ebook format next week!

Paperback, hardcover, and collector’s editions will be available at a later date, once all backers have received their rewards.


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  1. “Paperback, hardcover, and collector’s editions will be available at a later date, once all backers have received their rewards.”

    Excellent! Is there a place I can sign up for updates on that?

  2. The best place would be either my social media accounts, the Kickstarter page, or here! I’ll try to make it well known when they become available.