2010 A-Yokai-A-Day Lineup

I’ve been enjoying my return to a normal sleeping pattern and 3 meals a day, and this past week has been so relaxing compared to the previous month! But I almost got carried away with my leisure and forgot that I have a website to maintain! I’ll post a few updates with new artwork and photos of some cool local places this week, but for now, for your viewing pleasure, I thought I would do a month-in-review post just to have easy access to all of the yokai. I realize it can be a bit of a pain to scroll through pages of my blog looking for the yokai you want to read about. (Hmmm… now that I have a bit of free time maybe I can do some site design…)

Also, the Japanese translations of the yokai are still being worked on, so please be a bit more patient if you’re waiting for them! A couple of the posts got to be so long-winded that translating them is proving much more difficult!

Isonade Mujina (with a Noppera-bo) Kawauso Baku Bake-kujira
Ushi-oni Hou-ou Kirin Seiryuu Genbu
Suzaku Kodama Otoroshi Tengu Kijimuna
Keukegen Gagoze Nure-onna Sessho-seki and Hoji Kage-onna
Kerakera-onna Taka-onna Ubume Hari-onago Ao-nyoubou
Ame-onna Hanako of the Toilet Otsuyu
Onibaba Okiku Oiwa

Matted, fine art prints of each of these images are available from my Etsy page, and some of the originals are still available. If you’re interested in one of the originals, please send me an email using the contact form.

I will continue to paint more yokai throughout the year, though not on a daily basis, so remember to keep checking back here, or you can subscribe to my site via RSS, Facebook, or Google Friend Connect.

3 thoughts on “2010 A-Yokai-A-Day Lineup”

  1. Yes, it’s true. Sadly I haven’t had time to translate everything. Particularly this past year I have been working so hard on one project that I have had almost no time to write posts, let alone translate the old ones. :-\

    I’m hoping that with my next project I will be able to get back into regular posting in both English and Japanese.

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