A-Yokai-A-Day: Amefuri kozō

It seems like someone forgot to hang their teruteru bōzu this morning, because the weather forecast calls for rain!

Just like we learned yesterday that some yokai can cause nice, sunny weather, some yokai can also bring about rain. This is one of them.

This yokai is somewhat cute in a grotesque sort of manner. He is also a bit pathetic. This has caused him to be a very popular yokai throughout history. He is often conflated or confused with a similar-looking yokai called tōfu kozō, who is also a well-loved, pathetic little child yokai.

These two yokai were often portrayed as servant yokai who get beat up or made fun of by bigger, scarier yokai. They became super popular in the Edo period, when the first comics began to be published. The silly antics of these little kozō yokai helped propel both comics and yokai into mass popularity.

They are still popular yokai today, as evidenced by their appearance in recent animated movies, and their frequent inclusion among other yokai related works. Even though these little guys summon bad weather, somehow, everyone seems to love them!

Amefuri kozō / 雨降小僧 / あめふりこぞう

Amefuri kozō / 雨降小僧 / あめふりこぞう

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