A-Yokai-A-Day: Ino Mononoke Roku, Day 7

This year for #ayokaiaday we are looking at the bizarre occurrences which took place at the Ino residence in Miyoshi, Hiroshima, during July of 1749. These occurrences all revolve around a young boy named Ino Heitaro. His story is collected in Ino mononoke roku, a collection of scrolls, books, and legends which collectively form the narrative of a supernatural phenomenon that took place 270 years ago.

By the seventh day, word had spread around town about the haunting at the Ino household. Some of Heitaro’s warrior friends came over to see if they could help slay the yokai.

That day there was a giant monk rampaging about in Heitaro’s yard!

Gonpachi stabbed at the giant with his spear. But the giant grabbed the spear and hurled it into Heitaro’s house!

After that, the spear began flying around the house on its own, stabbing and slashing at everyone inside.

This was too much for Heitaro’s friends. They panicked, and they ran back to their homes.

3 thoughts on “A-Yokai-A-Day: Ino Mononoke Roku, Day 7

  1. HAH! Now that’s more like it! Everything before was weird, and creepy… now comes the danger! But Terror! Horror! That’s what makes a good ghost story! An interesting assortment of youkai, most hauntings have one or two.
    Put in more detail and you could make a book about this.

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