Here’s my next ukiyoe portrait. This one is called Kabukimono, which is kind of a play on meaning. It’s written using an archaic kanji, 傾, which basically meant a person who sees the world a little differently than ordinary people; someone who, when faces with two paths, chooses the harder one and creates miracles in order to succeed. Eventually the word came to be written with different kanji, 歌舞伎, the kabuki style of theater which most folks are familiar with.

There’s a bit of the pretentious artist in me peaking through in this piece as well; I’m trying to say that business and theater are similar to each other. You have to put on a costume, a different face, you have to act really well, and if you don’t keep in character, your audience will lose interest in you. I guess the big difference is that in theater the costumes are much better… which is probably why theater is fun and business is not. Anyway, there you have it.



Special thanks goes to my friend who doesn’t know that he is the model for this painting. Shhh!

2 thoughts on “Kabukimono

  1. Haha, thank you again. I suppose I can be a bit eager to critique my own work at times.

    I’m glad they arrived. That was quick! Send me a photo when you get them framed; I’d love to see the final result. 🙂

  2. Okay, I must say your inner critic seems to be too busy for it’s own good. In two recent posts you’ve described yourself as “pretentious” and I am here to argue. Friendly forces are trying to squelch that in me, a hopeful fiction writer, and I would like to do the same. Please don’t short yourself or your talent.

    Just so you know, I received my lovely original paintings from you today!!! They were beautifully packaged and got here super quick. I have them on a table by the door as a reminder to go to the framer tomorrow. And by the way, “on a table by the door” is ringing in my head in Japanese.

    Thanks for replying to my request to meet you without making me sound creepy. To quote Douglas Adams, I am “mostly harmless”. Hope you have a safe trip back for Thanksgiving.

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