Yokai Sake

Night Parade fans who stop into their local Liquor World Hana might be surprised to see a particular new brand of sake:

bottles at Liquor World Hana

What’s that lined up there??

sake bottle

Yokai sake?!

That’s right! Yokai-themed sake! This is a special limited edition Koshi no Taka sake brewed by Ito Sake Brewery in Fukui prefecture. It’s a local brand, and very delicious! You may be familiar with this yokai from my blog or my book — this is a kawauso, a Japanese river otter. Kawauso was chosen for the label not just because it’s cute, but also because they are known for dressing up as humans and sneaking into sake stores to try to buy alcohol. They don’t understand the concept of money and often try to pay with dead leaves or sticks, and when the shopkeeper questions them, they squeak or just mimic his words, hoping he won’t see through their disguise.

Unfortunately these can’t be shipped to the US, because this is a fresh sake and needs to remain chilled and be drunk soon. However, other bottles will be making their debut soon, and those ones may possibly be available for shipment overseas. For any of you living in or visiting Fukui prefecture, though, hurry up and check your local Liquor World Hana! These are a limited edition and will probably vanish faster than you can say “kawauso!”

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