Hyakki Yagyō Poster Contest

Okay, here is what you have been waiting for! The official rules and submission form for the poster contest!

Here’s how it works: look at the picture below (click to see a larger version), write the number and name of each yokai you see in the submission form, and click submit!

Not including doubles of the same yokai, there are 22 yokai, so just write down the name and number like this: 1. Nurarihyon, 2. …, and so on like that.

All of the yokai appear in The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons, so it should be pretty easy if you have a copy of that, but you don’t necessarily need one. Many of them have been featured as part of A-Yokai-A-Day, and you can also see their pictures on my facebook page. Of course, the descriptions in Night Parade might also be helpful for the most difficult ones!

You have to submit your answers by Halloween night. I will go through all of the answers on Halloween and select one winner at random from all of the correct submissions. I’ll announce the lucky winner here and then I’ll contact you by email for your mailing address.

The Night Parade of One Hundred Demons (numbered)

click to embiggen

Submission Form:

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